Love On Stage

Love On Stage

2 Seasons

MrsKevOnStage and the Stage Krew match 3 women with the 3 men they think are best partners for a potential relationship. They will have 3 dates, face to face, side to side, and belly to belly. Then decide if the relationship will continue.

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Love On Stage
  • Bonus Content - Surprise!!

    Episode 1

    James Gamble Jr reached out to us to set him up on a blind-ish date with one of our semi-finalist ladies! Can you guess who it is?!

  • Bonus Content - Majisty & James Sitting In a Tree?

    Episode 2

    Majisty & James complete their 'Show and Tell' blind date with some unexpected stories from their last travel experiences! After spending some virtual time together, both Majisty and James talk with Melissa about how they think the date went. Was there a love connection? Did they feel a spark th...