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Watch this video and more on KevOnStage Studios

Love On Stage

Ep 2: They're Our Homegirls!


Up Next in Season 1

  • Ep 3: The Doors of the Church are Open!

    Melissa sits down with Cherrelle to correct a detail we got wrong on ep 2. CHILE, THE TEA! Then, we meet the final 8 men and ask them to imagine their ideal woman. The image that comes to mind is Cookie Lyons! Chiiiiiile!

    After hours of watching interviews, the panel can't decide who they b...

  • Ep 4: That Bria Tho!

    We finally reveal YOUR matches!! Yall, get ready because the journey is just beginning!!

  • Ep 5: Show & Tell, part 1

    The couples are finally meeting each other and going on their first date!! The first date is themed: show & tell which is the communication portion of intimacy. Each person is tasked with finding 5 things in their home and sharing the story behind each item.

    Melissa is joined by guest pan...