Judith Speaks

Judith Speaks

6 Episodes

Judith Speaks, a Black middle-aged, employee of the The Happy Piglet grocery store must deal with trying to remain her same old southern self while also trying to force her way into her “new and improved” Nashville neighborhood.

Judith Speaks
  • Ep 1: Loose Lips Sinks Ships

    Episode 1

    Judith joins her niece MacKenzie's Bridal party for a day at the spa. The ladies are having fun until things take a turn.

  • Ep 2: Wax On Wedding Off

    Episode 2

    After losing her dignity due to an unauthorized Brazilian wax, Judith contemplates leaving the wedding party, but she receives a desperate
    call from MacKenzie.

  • Ep 3: Hot Yogurt

    Episode 3

    Judith learns her team at the Happy Piglet is on thin ice with corporate. MacKenzie asks Judith to join her on an outing that turns into a hot voga

  • Ep 4: Glamour Nudes

    Episode 4

    Judith regains her composure after inadvertently crashing an odd hot yoga class and discovers the real reason MacKenzie's wedding was cancelled.

  • Ep 5: Smells Like Church Up In Here

    Episode 5

    Judith is on a mission to get this wedding back on track.
    She recruits the help of her church, but encounters a snag while attempting to retrieve the wedding cake from a snooty celebrity baker, portrayed by Carla Hall.

  • Ep 6: Wedding Bell Rocks

    Episode 6

    In the season finale the wedding of the century is about to take place at the Happy Piglet, but can it be kept a secret from corporate?
    Judith gets assistance from her entire crew and special quest
    'LIl T, portrayed by Jaidynn Diore Fierce.