A Workplace Comedy

A Workplace Comedy

6 Episodes

A Workplace Comedy
  • The Award

    Episode 1

    Meet the (somewhat) expert news team at the NOT News Network! Though they haven’t been around long, they just found out they’ve been nominated for a major award.

  • Catchphrases

    Episode 2

    The team brainstorms how to make the show more exciting and bring in more viewers. Greg thinks the ticket might be Search Engine Optimization, but Kev looks for a flashier answer by bringing in an outside expert to help with their branding.

  • Sports

    Episode 3

    After a disastrous sports segment, Kev tells Tahir he has the weekend to learn everything there is to know about sports. Angel meanwhile works on a story that she thinks will put Kev in his place.

  • Teambuilding

    Episode 4

    Tempers run hot around the NOT News Network and Kev worries that things might be falling apart. He blackmails a team building guru into helping them, but she has plans of her own.

  • Weatherman

    Episode 5

    Tony is forced to retest for his meteorology certification, a test he only passed originally because he cheated. Angel and Kev, meanwhile, try to prove to the other who is more in shape.

  • Bootycoin

    Episode 6

    The team becomes rich after the crypto currency Kev has been paying everyone in hits $1. Angel and Maye, who opted out, try to expose it as a scam.