Love On Stage - Season 2

Love On Stage - Season 2

Love on Stage is back for Season 2! We’ve heard your feedback and we’re in a whole new state this season, making our matches in Georgia!

Love On Stage - Season 2
  • Ep 1: Where The Peaches Reside - Premiere Pt. 1

    What’s up Stage Krew?! Love on Stage is back for Season 2! We’ve heard your feedback and we’re in a whole new state this season, making our matches in Georgia! Get ready to meet our new applicants looking for love in this first installment of our two part Premiere!

  • Ep 2: Can we Talk? - Premiere Pt. 2

    In part two of our premiere, Melissa reveals to her team the semi finalists she’d like to learn more about and understand their compatibility requirements on a deeper level. Get your pen and paper, it’s time to take a closer look at the men looking for Love on Stage.

  • Ep 3: Peace, Love, and Raspberry Pi

    Melissa’s interviews with the applicants are underway and everything is on the table. She’ll finish talking to the remaining men and ladies as the last step before navigating the possibilities of the pairings. She’ll use all the unsurfaced understanding of the singles to decide who will be among ...

  • Ep 4: Before I Let You Vote

    The first panel of Season 2 is in the building and you may see some familiar faces! Melissa is joined by Aries, Seth, and Melanie to reveal the finalists YOU’LL be voting on to go on a love journey this season! We’re talking matches, flags and green lights, possibilities and precautions! We’ll ev...

  • Love On Stage Season 2 Part 2 Teaser

    We didn’t mean to leave y’all hanging! We have been feverishly filming season 2 and our daters are well on their way to finding love. Stay tuned for Love On Stage Season 2, part 2 returning in August.

  • Ep 5: A Little Birdie Told Me

    Welcome Back StageKrew! The votes have been counted and the panel is mounted with more familiar faces and brand new dates! Find out who you voted to be matched this season, their reactions, and the start of their first date - Show and Tell.

  • Ep 6: Thick Thicc Thique

    We’re back for the second part of our season 2 matches’ first date - Show and Tell! The panel is ready to see what the couples present for their remaining items and if they will find ways to connect outside of the activity! It’s giving changing tides and growing vibes as the couples settle into ...

  • Ep 7: All A Board

    With one date underway, it's time for the couples to begin their second date! On this Shoulder to Shoulder interaction, the matches will be making a Charcuterie board together. Along with this experience, we welcome our first-ever full panel of ladies! Lock in to see how the daters work alongside...

  • Ep 8: Sweet & Spicy

    In Part 2 of the second date, the couples finish their second date and explore more about their match! After food, flirting, and foundation-building, the daters are one date closer to meeting in person!

  • Ep 9: Six Can Play That Game

    The matches enter their belly to belly date - game night, hosted by comedian and actor, Keon Polee! Melissa gets updates on unexpected hurdles they've had to face. As some battle their own obstacles, the daters begin their competition for an in person bonus date, in LA!

  • Ep 10: It's All Run and Games

    The couples continue their competition on Game Night for their belly-to-belly date. Can Team Aries ascend or will twinning lead to winning? For one duo, the letter is "T" and "Tense" is the answer - do they stand a chance to settle their score? Points will be counted to crown the champs of Sexego...

  • Ep 11: Flights and Feelings

    It’s the first day of the finale and the daters are on their way to LA, but not without some turbulence to plans and potential. Melissa welcomes the cast and James is enlisted by the Love On Stage team to do what he does best! Excitement and expectations are mile high. Will the matches mesh in th...

  • Ep 12: When I See You

    This is it! After traveling off screen and across the country, the day has come for the daters to meet in the flesh! Melissa catches up with all the daters before they stand face to face. Tramane and Sherida mix their match and James’ Cooking Organization, The Outside Boys, seal the deal with a c...