Love On Stage

Love On Stage

MrsKevOnStage and the Stage Krew match 3 women with the 3 men they think are best partners for a potential relationship. They will have 3 dates, face to face, side to side, and belly to belly. Then decide if the relationship will continue.

Love On Stage
  • Ep 1: Meet The Ladies Of Love On Stage

    In this episode Melissa introduces the ladies of Love On Stage.

  • Ep 2: They're Our Homegirls!

    Our panel of "experts" are introduced to our newly selected women date. Stevon Lewis, Terilisha, and KeOnStage are very protective and take the job very seriously as they choose who they believe would be best matched with their homegirls. But that's not all! The panelist also meet 3 of our homeb...

  • Ep 3: The Doors of the Church are Open!

    Melissa sits down with Cherrelle to correct a detail we got wrong on ep 2. CHILE, THE TEA! Then, we meet the final 8 men and ask them to imagine their ideal woman. The image that comes to mind is Cookie Lyons! Chiiiiiile!

    After hours of watching interviews, the panel can't decide who they b...

  • Ep 4: Bonus Content - Y'all So Nosey!

    Yall so nosey! LOL! You asked for it, so here's a BTS look at how the ladies reacted to the men.

    While we are getting our dates underway you'll see exclusive bonus content for the next few weeks. Once we're back, you'll find out who was matched with whom, follow them on their dates, AND watch th...

  • Ep 5: My top 3 Are...

    Stage Krew! We allowed yall to play matchmakers, but here is what the ladies actually thought of our men! How did you vote?? Who do you think the ladies were matched with? Sound off in the comments! We'll be back in 2 weeks with YOUR matches!!

  • Ep 6: Pee in the Dating Pool?!?

    Grab your wine glass, because today's episode is all girl talk! Melissa catches up with our homegirls to chat about some of the issues they run into in the dating world. And, chiiiiile, these ladies have some stories! Please share some of your worst dating stories below.

    Also, don't forget: We o...

  • Ep 7: That Bria Tho!

    We finally reveal YOUR matches!! Yall, get ready because the journey is just beginning!!