5 Episodes

When Corey Carr gets passed over to be come head pastor of his dads church he moved to Lubbock Texas try and take over a small town church.

  • Ep 1: The Passover

    Episode 1

    Transitions are underway underway within the Greater Commission family and Corey is forced to make a decision.

  • Ep 2: Lubbock

    Episode 2

    Corey settles into his new position and learns there's more than what meets the eye to leading this Church.

  • Ep 3: The Funeral

    Episode 3

    Corey Carr is put to the test, and the congregation will either approve or deny.

  • Ep 4: Youth Night

    Episode 4

    It’s time for the youth time shine as secrets are revealed.

  • Ep 5: The Praise Team

    Episode 5

    Corey and Rodney turn the praise team upside down.